A Farmer's Sunglasses May Put an End to Motion Sickness for Good

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's a cure so simple, you'll be surprised that nobody had thought of it earlier. But a specially-designed pair of sunglasses may bring an end to the stomach-turning effects brought on by motion sickness.

Invented by Norfolk farmer Tim Flaxman, himself a long-time sufferer of motion sickness, the so-called TravelShades counter the causes of travel illness. They do this by using two separate lenses -- one a standard, clear lens, the other an opaque lens that lets light in but prevents the eye behind it from tracking movement.

Working whilst on trains, aeroplanes and even cars, the glasses cut the wearer's vision from 3D to 2D. This helps to counteract the disconnect between the sense of motion that the eyes are seeing and the stationary positioning of the body -- the imbalance that causes the brain's vomit control centre, the area postrema, to go into overdrive. The glasses are designed to be symmetrical too, allowing them to be flipped to allow the opaque lens to cover whichever eye proves most effective.

Flaxman's invention has taken ten years and £85,000 to develop, but came from a simple finding. Flaxman discovered that covering one eye whilst travelling on London's tube system helped him overcome his crippling motion sickness. Flaxman is now hoping to get the specs in pharmacies, with Lloyds Pharmacy one potential stockist. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: Blond woman holding a brown paper bag over mouth with a distraught expression as if having a panic attack or being nauseated from Shutterstock.com