A Kinect-Free Xbox One Could Have Better Graphics

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's more to gaming than just glitzy graphics, but you wouldn't know it from the leading discussion of this generation's console war. Conversation surrounding the Xbox One and PS4 has centred largely around maximum resolutions and frame rates, with the PS4 regularly coming out on top. Could this have been part of the reason why Microsoft has decided to offer a Kinect-free Xbox One from June?

Currently, a portion (thought to be around 10 per cent) of the Xbox One's GPU capabilities are locked off for Kinect use only. This is to allow for both gesture and voice commands associated with games as well as commands for the console's operating system. With the Kinect disabled -- an option Microsoft could consider now it has conceded to sell the console without it -- this processing power could be freed up to give the console a bit more oomph in the graphics department.

Speaking to Polygon, Xbox's Yusuf Mehdi hinted that this could be a route the company would take to close the gap between the Xbox One and the PS4:

We are in discussions with our game publishers about what we might do in this space and we will have more to talk about soon.