A New Wireless Router Lets You Trade Facebook Check-Ins for Free Wi-Fi

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Offering free Wi-Fi to shoppers or diners is almost as essential to a business these days as having a public bathroom on site. But at the same time, you don't want to give it away to just anyone walking by—at least without getting something in return. So D-Link's new AC 1750 wireless router only doles out the Wi-Fi after someone has checked in to your business' Facebook page.

It's easier for customers—assuming they're on Facebook—since it means they don't have to enter an obscure password while trying to get online. It also means there's some level of accountability to those using a business' free Wi-Fi, because they're revealing who they are when checking in, discouraging them from downloading illegal materials.

The router also provides a business with additional demographics data, allowing them to keep track of who has checked in through Facebook throughout the day, but also connect with them further—with promotions and coupons enticing them to return—after they've left.

It is on sale from D-Link's US store for £149.99 (£89) and they offer shipping worldwide. That won't mean much to you unless you own a business for which you could take advantage of this product. Saying that, though, its an interesting concept and something to look out for in future when surfing for Wi-Fi on the high street. [D-Link via Ubergizmo]