A Sand Art Case Gives Your iPhone a Radical '80s Makeover

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The '80s might be long gone, but your fond memories of Reebok Pumps, Cabbage Patch Kids, and those water-filled sand art pictures will forever live on—at least that last one. Because someone has gone and made an iPhone case backed with hypnotic sand art that's constantly changing as you move your phone.

A Sand Art Case Gives Your iPhone a Radical 80s Makeover

It's $25 (£14.81 excl. shipping) well spent, because not only will it provide perpetual entertainment—even when your phone's battery is dead or when you have no signal—but it also glows in the dark. So even when you can't see a thing in the middle of the night, you'll be able to find your phone. Now if only someone would make a snap-bracelet smartwatch, life would be complete. [Gadgets and Gear via Gear Diary]