A Timer Cap for Water Bottles Reminds You to Hydrate Every Hour

By Andrew Liszewski on at

As summer approaches and the temperatures start to soar, it's time to get serious about staying hydrated. Your body relies on H20 to help keep you from overheating, and just carrying around a water bottle as a fashion accessory isn't enough. You actually need to drink it, so Vittel created a bottle cap alternative that reminds you every hour to keep drinking.

The action of screwing the cap onto the bottle automatically sets a built-in mechanical timer that ticks away for a full hour. When the time is up, a tiny plastic flag pops up, serving as a visual reminder that it's been a whole 60 minutes since you've had any water—and you need to remedy that ASAP.

Initially launched in France to test consumer reactions, hopefully this bottlecap design will find its way here before the warm summer months come and go. [Vimeo via Taxi]