An Alarm Clock App That Wakes Skiers Earlier for Freshly Fallen Snow

By Andrew Liszewski on at

For devoted skiers, there's nothing quite like finding a slope covered in a blanket of fresh snow. And with Helly Hansen's First Tracks alarm clock app, they'll have a better chance at being the first on the mountain after an overnight snowfall since it automatically wakes you up earlier if there's fresh powder to be enjoyed.

Available for both iOS and Android, the app uses your location to download local weather information. Before falling asleep the night before, users specify two different alarms: a normal wake time, and a 'let's beat everyone to the slopes' wake time. And if the forecast shows that it has sufficiently snowed during the night, the earlier alarm will be triggered giving you a head start on everyone else heading up the mountain. You just better hope the lifts are operating that early. [Helly Hansen via Taxi]

An Alarm Clock App That Wakes Skiers Earlier For Freshly Fallen Snow