An Elegant Angular Take on an Old Stick Chair

By Jamie Condliffe on at

New takes on old creations often result in beautiful objects that transcend the boundaries of time. Not unlike Andréason & Leibel's Woodkid chair: an angular, geometric take on the kind of stick chair your grandparents may have owned.

Replacing round for square looks smart, sophisticated, and even simple—but Andréason & Leibel make a very good point when they describe their design. They explain that it's a "carpenters nightmare -- only right angles but not a single right angle." Indeed, each section is made from square wooden beams, but none of the joints is at 90 degrees. Instead, every joint is placed by hand and eye, which makes the thing a labor of love. As a result, it's not clear if this thing will swing into full production; if it does, though, you can expect it to prove expensive. [Andréason & Leibel via Mocoloco]