An LED Wand Turns Your Wine Bottles Into Lamps Without Flame

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Before you spend years turning an empty wine bottle into a decorative lamp by covering it in countless melted candles, consider these £17 LED alternatives instead. Not only do they glow brighter, they're much less of a fire hazard—it's a win-win.

You just insert these long glowing aluminium lights into an empty wine bottle like a cork, and with the help of three AA batteries they'll illuminate it from the inside for up to 100 hours before needing a fresh set. They'll also keep glowing whether it's windy or pouring rain outside, thanks to a rubber gasket keeping the bottle sealed. And since they're not covered in searing hot melted wax, you can even pick them up and use them as handheld lanterns. [Pro-Idee]