Angry Birds Dev Pushes Creative Boundaries With IAP-Filled Flappy Bird Clone

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's still an (official) Flappy Bird-shaped hole in the app store. So who better to fill it than Rovio, makers of the original avian app success story, Angry Birds? And fill it they will -- with dreaded in-app purchases, that is.

Rovio's new game is Retry, which looks a hell of a lot like Flappy Bird, except with a little pixellated plane where you'd expect to see the feathered flier. You'll tap to make the jet rise over obstacles across four zones -- Summer, Winter, Future and Pyramids. These can be unlocked by collecting coins in each level, or you can buy them outright for around £18, based on conversion rates from Californian dollars. You can even buy a "restart" from a checkpoint, which kind of undermines the whole frustration/addiction balance that characterised Flappy Bird in the first place.

The game's launched in a few countries already, and is expected to hit the UK app stores soon. [Eurogamer, FamilyGamerTV]