Apple's First Wearable May Just be Heart-Sensing Headphones

By Gary Cutlack on at

A user on anonymous gossip portal Secret claims to have some insight into Apple's first wearable device, suggesting it won't be the iWatch. Something as simple as heart rate sensing iPhone earbuds could be Apple's first foray into the health and wearable world.

The poster claims that heart rate and blood pressure sensors will be incorporated in the next iPhone earbud design, with Apple also sticking in support for iBeacons "so they don't get lost" according to the gossiper. Whoever stuck this online suggests this is why Apple moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the latest iPhones, as the sensor requires the lightning port to draw power.

It'll arrive alongside iOS 8 and is designed to be a "gateway to the wearables" or an advance party before the arrival of the iWatch if you like, should you happen to believe anonymous people on the internet. [Secret via Guardian]