Are Mobile Networks Threatening the Future of Freeview?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Freeview is brilliant for those of us who want more than five channels, but don't want to pay for a premium television subscription. Sadly the service might go the way of BBC Three, and it's all thanks to mobile phone networks.

Well that's if Caroline Thomson, the chair of Digital UK, is to be believed. According to Ms. Thomson, mobile companies are trying to get their hands on the Freeview broadcast spectrum to meet the increasing demand for mobile data. The fear is that the amount of money they have means they might be able to force the service off the air.

Many of you might think that online services are so easily available that they can replace broadcast television, but according to Ms. Thomson over 90 per cent of television is still viewed via live broadcasts.

Ofcom are apparently planning to hold a consultation about the issue, but promises that mobile networks will have ample access to new areas of the spectrum without interfering with terrestrial television. [TechRadar]