Are These Leaked Schematics of the iPhone 6?

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've already seen pictures of what might be the iPhone 6's curved display, but it looks like Apple might have another leak on its hands -- what appear to be design schematics of the upcoming phone.

Assuming they are the real deal, and not clever fakes, the iPhone 6 will see the power button moved from the top to the right side of the device, dimensions of 138.14mm x 66.97mm, and a thickness of 5.95. Oddly enough the thickness is being measured from the centre of the phone, which gives credence to the claims that the screen will, in fact, be curved.

The main problem with these schematics, as Slashgear points out, is that they look suspiciously like an iPod Touch with the power button stuck in a different place. The device features the same rounded edges, elongated volume buttons, and round flash that the iPod Touch is known for. It is possible that the iPhone 6 might end up looking more like an iPod, but it's just as possible that these schematics are, in fact, clever fakes.

Check out the images below, and let us know what you think. [Among Tech via Slashgear]