Boris Bus Backdoors Closed for Business Due to People's Stupidity

By Gary Cutlack on at

The open rear ends of London's new red buses are being closed off on many runs, due to the fact that people have somehow grown more stupid in the last 10 years and can't be trusted not to fall out of a moving bus while staring at the fruit they're organising on their telephone.

The "health and safety" concerns are such that buses with the open platform back end now have a "supervisor" on board whenever the back door is open, stopping people from suicidally leaping into traffic. The cost involved in doing this means many route doors are being left permanently closed, making the re-introduction of the hop-on system rather pointless.

TfL says this isn't a blanket policy and that many bus rears are open for business, but a Freedom of Information request reveals that the new bus' rear doors are shut on all routes in the evening, with only one route opening its doors for casual exits during the weekend. [Politics]