Bowers & Wilkins Sound System Aims to Save Festival Goers From Rubbish Sound

By Gerald Lynch on at

The drink is flowing, your mates are arm in arm and your favourite band has just taken to the stage. But even when the stars align for what should be a magical festival experience, you can almost always guarantee the experience will be marred by a) a monsoon or b) crummy sound. While Bowers & Wilkins can't control the elements, it's hoping its new 'Sound System' will at least improve the sound quality for revellers.

With each stack standing 3.2 metres tall with 12 separate enclosures, it's capable of pumping out 30kW output, with active DSP filters serving multiple Class D stereo amplifiers. Using angled mounting hardware, Bowers & Wilkins is looking to control the dispersion patterns of sounds, so that the "vertical directivity" of midrange and high frequency drivers is finely controlled so as not to be overcome by bass elements. The Sound System's stacks are made up of:

-- 32 x 15” (380mm) Rohacell low frequency bass drivers
-- 16 x 10” (250mm) Rohacell mid/bass drivers
-- 16 x 6” (180mm) FST Kevlar midrange driver
-- 64 x 1” (25mm) Nautilus Tube Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeters

The speaker array will be put through its paces at the Primavera festival this month across May 29th to 31st. It'll be installed in the 1,000 capacity Igloo tent, where DJs Jamie XX, John Talabot and Pional will perform.