Burgers for Breakfast as Burger King US Changes its Stance on Morning Meals

By Gerald Lynch on at

The 10am tyranny of Burger King's breakfast menu is about to come to an end, with the US arm of the fast-food chain revealing that it will be selling burgers first-thing in the morning, as soon as its stores open. "Wake up to a Whopper" -- Burger King, you can have that tagline on me.

It seems that, with some US franchisees already breaking the no-burgers-for-breakfast rules, and many slovenly customers demanding them anyway, Burger King has caved. Though the full daytime menu won't be available, it seems you'll at least have a few burger-based options to pair with your Stateside hash browns. We've been in touch with Burger King's reps in the UK to see if a similarly-slobbish breakfast menu will makes its way to our shores. I'll let you pass judgement on whether its a good or bad idea while I go pop on Super Size Me as a reminder against daybreak gluttony. [Gawker, Burger Business]