Cheeky Body-Mod Gives This Man Three Mouth Holes

By Gerald Lynch on at

Oh, you've got your nose pierced? That's cool. If you really want to send a conservative parent or other half berserk though, what you really need to invest in is a pair of 1.5-inch flesh tunnel holes in the sides of your face.

Body modification enthusiast Joel Miggler has ensured he'll win himself every Halloween costume contest going for the rest of his life by doing just that. The 23 year-old already has a forked tongue, multiple piercings and tattoos all over his body, but his most striking modifications are the 36mm holes he's stretched into the sides of his face.

He's aiming to increase the size of the holes to 40mm over time as his skin expands to match larger jewelry placed inside the gaps in his skin. Aside from a few weird looks from strangers, Miggler's proud of his extreme look. The one problem he now faces? Consuming liquids -- he's got to either take baby sips, or plug the gaps before knocking back drinks and soups. [Metro, YouTube]