Could This Curvy Screen be the Front of the iPhone 6?

By Ashley Feinberg on at

A new supposed iPhone 6 leak seems to support the return to a more curved design we've seen hinted at. And since it came from Sonny Dickson, a usually reliable source, it's worth considering this is a real possibility.


Of course, this is just a dummy model, so whatever we see later in the year will likely look quite a bit different. But the seemingly curved screen does follow recent trends.

What's more, we'd already heard that Apple was looking to go quite a bit bigger this round, and this supposed leak certainly seems like a larger iPhone than we've had to date, at least as far as width is concerned.

Earlier today, Sonny also tweeted the back of the dummy model, but if anything, this just proves that in no way will this be the final design (if it even came from Apple in the first place).