EE's Bird-Named Wi-Fi Hotspots Lack Feathers, Do Have 4G Speeds

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE's avian-naming theme continues with the unveiling of a trio of Wi-Fi hotspots. The Buzzard, Osprey and Kite each offer 4G connectivity with which to hook up your devices, the Buzzard intended for use in the car, the Kite for style conscious professionals and the Osprey for those looking to fend off an attack from a bird of prey.

Well, maybe that last suggestion is a little far fetched, but it is the "rugged" unit of the three. The Buzzard (charging from a car's lighter socket or USB port) costs £19 upfront, the Kite £29 and the Osprey £19 too, each on data packages starting at £10 a month. They'll hit EE's stores alongside the Eagle tablet on May 28th. [EE]