Electrify Your Brain for Lucid Inception Dreams

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers have come up with a way to give us interactive control of dreams, a discovery that could kill the video game and TV industries overnight. And it might be possible to wire a system up yourself, too, as it requires an alternating current to be applied to the head.

The researchers stimulated theĀ frontal and temporal parts of the brains by applying a current to the scalps of 27 test patients as they entered the dreamy REM part of their sleep. As soon as the power kicked in the subjects reported a heightened state of awareness, a discovery that the team suggests may be used to combat the nightmares of post-traumatic stress sufferers.

Stick this into your next set of headphones, Dr Dre, and we'll all upgrade. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Brain surgery from Shutterstock