Even Beats Co-Founder Jimmy Iovine Thinks Apple's Earphones are Rubbish

By Gerald Lynch on at

The ink on the Beats / Apple partnership contract may still be drying, but Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine hasn't been mincing his words when it comes to what he thinks of Apple's Earpod Earphones.

Speaking on stage at Code Conference, Iovine slated the pack-in buds, saying that Apple makes them only "to make sure the machine [that is, the iPhone] works."

"You listen to Apocalypse Now, and the helicopter sounds like a mosquito," he said, before singing the praises of Beats' own efforts to make users prize the value of top-notch sound quality. "We turned an entire generation on to audio," he said.

And Apple SVP Eddy Cue did little to counter Iovine's attack. "We make the best headphones that come in the box," he conceded. "When you want to make incredible sound, it costs more money."

More money to the tune of $3 billion / £1.79 billion. Jony Ive must be weeping over his EarPod blueprints this morning. [The Verge]