Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer in this Underground Contraption

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Beer coolers are a pain in the arse. First of all, you have to find a load of ice. Then, you have to pour all the ice into the cooler. And that's just the build up for a wet night full of melting ice. Thank God some zany Danes found a better way.

Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer In this Underground Elevator

The eCool is an environmentally friendly and altogether awesome alternativeto your humble Igloo. The patented device makes use of the ground's natural coolness by sending your beers a few inches below the surface to chill out, before serving them up with an ingenuous vertical conveyor system that pulls the cans up to a handy dispenser. There's no electricity, no ice, and no mess involved—unless you consider the initial installation, which requires a shovel or garden drill plus some elbow grease.

Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer In this Underground Elevator

The only question is: how cold does it keep those beers? Well, that all depends on the temperature of your soil. Average soil temperatures in the UK are around 12°C. That's cool, to be sure, but a far cry from the 1- to 5-degree environment inside your fridge. It's worth noting that this device surely works better in Denmark, where it was invented, since its so far North. Regardless, it's a neat idea. Whether or not it's 1895 Kr/ £170 neat, however, depends on where you live. And maybe more importantly, how much you like to drink in your garden. [eCool via Awesomer]