Former Valve Staff Member Tells Us What Valve Refuses to Reveal: Half Life 3 is in Development

By Tom Pritchard on at

It has been seven years since the release of Half Life 2: Episode Two, and fans have been getting more and more frustrated at the lack of news about the next game in the franchise. Seriously, it's worse than George RR Martin's snail pace writing, and almost as bad as having to wait for the enormous disappointment that was Duke Nukem Forever.

Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le, co-creator of Counterstrike, was queried about the game in an interview with goRGNtv, and he said Half Life 3 was in development. He later added that he couldn't reveal any details, other than the fact that the public obviously knew the game was going to happen at some point. Whether it'll be in Gabe Newell's lifetime is still a bit unclear.

Of course anybody who's played to the end of Episode Two will be well aware that the sequel is planned. It just seems to be that Valve has an aversion to letting people play the game. Some say it's because GabeN has a fear of the number three, others think the game is cursed, a minority believe that there is no game and that Valve is the world's biggest troll.

Me? I'm just pissed off that I've been waiting seven years and the only information we've had ended up being a hoax. Maybe this is all a marketing technique, maybe Valve is being extra careful to ensure the game is perfect, or maybe Valve just hates gamers and wants to see us squirm.

Come on Valve. Quit messing around with pointless operating systems and just give us what we want. [Slashgear]