From the Looks of Things HTC is Moving Into the World of Smartwatches

By Tom Pritchard on at

HTC is one of the few phone developers which hasn't shown much of an interest in entering the smartwatch market, and in the age of leaking you'd think we'd have heard more of its upcoming smartwatch by now. Here it is, with reports coming out of Taiwan calling it the 'HTC One Wear'.

According to Taiwanese tech blog TKTechNews, HTC is planning on releasing the device in late August or early September, citing sources who claim to have regular access to it. The site also claimed it received a demo version of the watch, but are being a bit stingy with the specific details.

It's not much information to go on, but does anyone have thoughts on this? Is an HTC One smartwatch a waste of time, or is it the best news ever? Let us know in the comments. [TKTechNews via Cnet]