Good News! We're All Living Longer

By Gerald Lynch on at

Bad news! Your pension plan will have to be good to last you on average an extra six years!

The World Health Organisation's latest look into life expectancy around the globe has showed we live on average until 70 years old now -- six years longer than the average global life expectancy in 1990.

Woman continue to live to be older than men, on average 4.6 years longer than those with the Y chromosome. Japanese women have the longest life expectancy of all (87 years), while Icelandic men can expect to live until 81.2 years old.

The data -- collected during 2012 -- shows those living in Europe, the Americas and the Western Pacific Region living longest (76 years on average), while those living in Africa live on average to only be around 58 years old. Those with a death wish should head to Sierra Leone -- it has the shortest life expectancy of all with its population on average living to be just 46 years old. [WHO via Mashable]

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Chart: Statista