Google Maps Now Includes Every Bus, Train, Tram and Ferry in the UK

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google's just revealed a major update for the UK stretch of its mapping service. Aside from tracking a seater on the back of your mate's bike, Google Maps now offers details of virtually every public transport route across the UK.

From trams to busses, trains to ferries, 16,983 routes across the UK can now be searched across Google's desktop, iOS and Android apps. As well as departure and journey length times, the apps will also tell you how many stops there are until your destination, as well as offering up a walking route if that's a quicker alternative. To achieve this, Google has had to pull in data from the National Express, and partner with Traveline which collates schedule information from around 1,500 local and national public transport operators.

Previously, Google Maps only included public transport information for national rail and select services in London and the south east, such as London's tube network.