Half-Price V-Moda Earbuds and a Hot Tub for £240 are Your Deals of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

Headphone breakage is irritating enough, but if you live the rock 'n roll lifestyle, just consider there are far worse things you could be breaking -- musical instruments, your liver, everything you hold near and dear. Just look at Pete Doherty. We bet he's sensible enough to spot an almost-half-off deal like this though.

V-Moda's headphones aren't going to deliver the audio clarity of your average pair of Sennheisers or whatever, but if you're prone to breaking or losing your earbuds, living from cheap pair to cheap pair is probably a sensible option. These one-button mic -in-ear noise-isolating headphones are available in gunmetal black for £21.79 with free delivery -- that's £20.21 off. Put it towards your next Doherty-levels night of excess.

Ever fancied lording it up like you're an influential hip hop producer? Or maybe you're new to the swinging scene and want to impress your new, naked chums? Or, you might be considering cannibalism and want a giant slow-cooker? Well, you need a hot tub, clearly.

We can't all afford to get the real deal, but if you're a bit flush, you might fancy buying a Lay Z-Spa. We've found an offer on the 'Miami' model, which means you can turn your drab corner of suburbia into a tropical wet dream for a drug dealer! How much? Check the deal out here and get ready to part with £239.99. Trunks and bikinis are optional.



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