Harrison Ford Has Been Offered a Role in Blade Runner 2

By Gerald Lynch on at

Any conspiracy theories surrounding the fate of Rick Deckard in sci-fi classic Blade Runner could be about to be lost (like...tears...in...rain), as it appears Harrison Ford has been offered the chance to reprise the role for the long-gestating sequel.

Variety reports that production company Alcon Entertainment has put an offer out to Ford to return as an aged Deckard in the sequel, expected to take place several decades after the events of the 1982 original. If he accepts the offer, it'll be yet another exercise in revisiting an old favourite for Ford, who is currently shooting Star Wars: Episode VII as everyone's favourite space smuggler Han Solo. Ford also dusted off his bullwhip and fedora for 2008's widely derided Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and it's thought that his current Star Wars contract includes a clause that would see him return as the butt-kicking archeologist once more in the future.

A Blade Runner sequel has always seemed a bit pointless to me however. It's such a perfect film, a self-contained narrative that says everything that's needed about the world it portrays. Could a sequel ever reach the emotional heights of Rutger Hauer's climactic speech? And wouldn't Deckard's return ruin the mystique of the original's beautifully ambiguous ending? Some things are best left untouched.

At least original director Ridley Scott is signed up to helm the movie. But given how his quasi Alien reboot Prometheus turned out, maybe that's not such a good thing afterall. [Variety]