Hey, Frank's Michael Fassbender Can Sing! (Sorta...)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Having played a sex-addict, plantation owner, magnetically-charged super-villain and now an alternative-rock-paper-mache-head-wearing-cult-hero for his latest movie Frank, is there anything that this generation's best actor, Michael Fassbender, won't try his hand at?

Playing the titular lead in indie comedy-drama Frank (hitting cinemas on May 9th), Fassbender's role is loosely based on Timperley's most-loved son, comedian/cult musician Chris Sievey, AKA Frank Sidebottom. Yep, just like in Sidebottom's performing life, Fassbender's head is under a giant mask throughout the film.

And he has to sing through it too, as this just-released track from the movie shows. He soundsĀ pretty good, at least in true Sidebottom "don't-give-a-damn" fashion.

But wait! Having seen the film a few weeks back at press screening, I can tell you that the track plays a pivotal role in the climax to the film. If you're planning on watching it (and I totally encourage you to do so, it was a lovely, hilarious thing), you may want to hold out from hitting play just yet. [Frank-Film.com]