HiddenCash Twitter Treasure Hunt Comes to London This Weekend

By Gerald Lynch on at

Are you willing to risk your Sunday morning lie-in for the chance of pocketing a few quid's worth of free cash? Then it's time to start following @LDNHiddenCash on Twitter, taking up the philanthropic treasure hunt mantle laid down by the US' @HiddenCash earlier this week.

@HiddenCash has been treating its US followers to a breadcrumb trail of tweets in LA and San Francisco that led to people finding $100 prizes. Hidden in bins, fire extinguishers and other public nooks and crannies, the mysterious games master claims to be just a wealthy person with a desire to spread some cash-based happiness.

@LDNHiddenCash is now promising to do the same in London across June, starting this Sunday (June 1st). Each cash drop will be accompanied by two clues, with those taking part in the city-wide hunt encouraged to use the #HiddenCashLondon hashtag.

Of course, it could all be a wild goose chase, set up by some kid for some Twitter-based trolling lolz. But it'd be nice to think that there's some generosity left in the cynical heart of the capital. [Time Out]

Image Credit: Five pounds in a roll from Shutterstock.com