How Much Time the World Spends Looking at Screens, Visualised

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Ever wondered how much time the average person spends looking at their TV, computer, phone or laptop? Well, this chart shows exactly that, broken down by country. We in the UK certainly are a TV-loving lot.

Produced by Mary Meeker for her annual presentation on internet trends, the chart reveals some interesting insights. Clearly Indonesia and the Philippines are glued to their screens, but it's the breakdown where it get interesting. Look at the disparity in TV viewing between the US and Vietnam, say, despite their similar totals; or the lack of tablet time in South Korea. (But then, maybe that's because Samsung tablets suck.) And Italy and France barely spend any time at a screen—but then, maybe that's what happens if you ban email after 6pm.

Its hard to say whether the UK topping the list for TV screen minutes is something to be proud of or not, but it is interesting to see that despite our impressive telly total, we end up roughly in mid-chart; the low minute-count for tablet displays looks accountable for that, which is certain to creep up over the next few years as more people own tablets. [KPCB via Quartz]