However Nice It'd be to Host the Olympics Again, Rio's Games Aren't Moving Here

By Gerald Lynch on at

For all our cynicism in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics, it turned out to be a patriotically-charged pride-fest. Mo! Ennis! Let's not forget Long Jump king Rutherford! But despite reports that 2016 host-city Rio is woefully behind on its preparations for the games, the International Olympics Committee has moved to squash rumours that the games could return to London.

Speaking to Reuters, an IOC official stated that "there is not a shred of truth” to reports that London is being lined-up for a second stint.

It had been rumoured that the International Olympic Committee had been looking for a potential back-up host after its vice president John Coates branded a recent visit to the Rio sites as "the worst [he had] experienced".  Progress is so slow on the construction of some sites as to be deemed shambolic, with there now being the very real possibility that the venues wont be fit for purpose in time for the Olympic games.

At the point where the London 2012 and 2004 Athens games were two years away from their opening, London was said to be 60 per cent prepared and Athens (at the time way behind schedule itself and the current benchmark for Olympics prep disaster management) was 40 per cent through its necessary work. By comparison at a similar stage before its event, Rio is considered to be only 10 per cent through its preparations. Unless things turn around very, very quickly, the IOC may have to seriously consider the possibility of returning to London or a similar site, or face cancelling the games altogether. [IOL, Independent]