HTC One Remix Could Provide Ignition to Cut-Price Smartphone Line

By Gerald Lynch on at

Serial tech tipster EvLeaks has been posting leaked images of a so-called HTC One Remix handset over the freakin' weekend. Is this another budget-orientated One series smartphone hot and fresh out the HTC kitchen?

There's not much to go on aside from the image at present. It appears to show a handset which would be a similar size to previous HTC One Mini devices, but sporting a blue plastic polycarbonate build rather than an aluminium one. The leaked image doesn't make identifying any other features much easier -- it even appears to be sat inside some sort of case, obscuring its sides.

Considering the already-revealed HTC One Mini 2 is expected to land at a significantly cheaper price point than the top-of-the-line HTC One M8, an even cheaper plastic-covered Remix could leave you with a bit more cash to splurge on cristal poppin' in your stretch Navigator.

According to EVLeaks' sources, the only network "confirmed" to be selling the handset is US carrier Verizon Wireless. We'll keep you posted on any further HTC One Remix developments, and whether or not the phone is set to bounce bounce bounce bounce its way to our shores. For now, take it all with a pinch of salt. [EvLeaks (Twitter)]