In an Ideal World, This Personal Hovercraft Will be Under Your Christmas Tree in 2017

By Gerald Lynch on at

We're still waiting on the flying cars and jetpacks to go mainstream, but in the meantime, how does owning your very own hovercraft sound? Aerofex are hoping to let you live out your G.I. Joe dreams come winter 2017, when it plans to ship its Aero-X mini hovercraft.

Controlled in a similar fashion to a motorcycle, Aerofex's Aero-X hovercraft can carry two people (up to a maximum weight of 140 kilograms), hitting speeds of 45 mph at heights of three metres off the ground.  A combination of sway bars and digital sensors keep the craft balanced even within strong winds. Optional airbags can also be installed -- but if you're badass enough to be investing in one of these, you'll probably laugh at that suggestion. As for fuel consumption, a full tank of standard car petrol will get you roughly an hour and 15 minutes worth of travel.

It of course doesn't come cheap: the full price of the Aero-X is £85,000 / £50,660. Ahead of its planned 2017 release, you can pre-order one of the vehicles for $5,000 / £3,657. Worth every penny. [Aero-X via I Fucking Love Science, Discovery News]