iPlayer Update for Windows Phone Brings Live TV to the App

By Kat Hannaford on at

How's this for a turn-around -- the BBC's iPlayer app has received an update on Windows Phone, a full day before it's expected to go live on iOS and Android.

Viewers with crummy signal will get on better with the latest WinPho iPlayer iteration, as the BBC has switched to an adaptive bitrate player -- especially handy given it now supports live TV. Yes, live TV.

This has come with the loss of the ability to play radio through the app, but the Beeb is developing a standalone iPlayer radio app, presumably similar to the iOS and Android one.

For the full list of features in the new WinPho app, check out the BBC blog post on the update here.

In the meantime, the BBC is not the only TV network to see an app appear on the Windows Phone store today, with ITV Player also available. It too can handle live TV, along with playback of previous shows. [iPlayer and ITV apps]