Stargate Reboot to Join all the Other Recent '80s and '90s Sci-Fi Reboots?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Roland Emmerich seems to be the human equivalent of a skipping record. All he ever seems to do is yammer on about how he plans to resurrect the Stargate franchise in one way or another. I was still at school when he started this mad quest, and for context, I left school many years ago.

This was before the days of Star Trek when the term "reboot" was popularised, but other than describing his project with the latest Hollywood buzzword Emmerich's idea hasn't changed: He wants a brand new trilogy, specifically one that ignores the franchise's various television spin-offs.

Considering this idea has yet to come to fruition after five or six years, I wouldn't hold your breath in anticipation. Remember how that much promised sequel to Independence Day never arrived? Yeah... [Hollywood Reporter vis Cnet]

Featured image from Stargate Wikia