LG G Watch Will "Define" Smartwatches

By Gerald Lynch on at

Or so says this latest promo clip for LG's wearable. Complete with dramatic renderings and latinate chanting, it's certainly the definition of "bombastic", if nothing else.

Showing the smartwatch from all angles, though falling short of spilling all of its guts and specs out for us to pour over, we're shown a waterproof device running Google's Android Wear software. Its square face is shown rippling (perhaps a nod to the G2's "Knock Knock" tap-to-wake feature being included), and there seems to be charging connectors on the rear of the face, which looks like it could happily support a wireless charging dock. Made from metal, both a black version and a white-with-gold highlights version are displayed.

LG's got a big launch event lined up for May 27th, where we're expecting to see the G Watch fully showcased alongside the LG G3 smartphone.