LG's G3 QuickCase Hints at Onboard Health Monitoring Features

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hooray, we finally get to see the... oh. For some curious reason LG has decided to announce the case for the LG G3 before showing the world the actual contents, with the LG G3 QuickCircle case apparently quite a stand-out piece of work worthy of its own little unveiling event.

Answering the ridiculous first-world-problem question of "Do you find it inconvenient to open the cover to access your favourite apps?" is LG's new case, which has a round window for accessing shortcuts to phone features. The camera can be launched from inside the round window, as can the music player, dialler and more.

LG's press release also suggests some sort of activity-monitoring aspect lies within the G3, claiming you can "get an update of their health" through the case's little window. You can have lots of colours, and any time as long as it's 6.00pm.