Lomography's First Instant Camera Uses Real-Life Filters

By Mario Aguilar on at

The retro camera fanatics at Lomography are diving into the world of instant photography with a colourful new shooter packed with all the charm and nostalgia of the 35mm Lomography cameras you've known for years.

The Lomo'Instant Camera is built for the widely available Fujifilm Instax Mini film—the same cartridges you stuff into Fuji's super fun new Instax Mini 90. The Lomo'Instant replicates many of the features of Fuji's rebooted camera, like multiple exposures on a single slice of film and a long-exposure bulb mode.

Here's Lomo's edge: the camera ships with a series of colour gels so that you can add the filters popularised by Instagram to your photos in real life. (This also happens to be the way photographers got gauzy coloured effects on their photos before digital imaging.) And because this is Lomography, you can count on the company to keep popping out new accessories for the camera once it's available.

It's hard to believe Lomography wasn't making an instant camera before this, given the company's deep love for the analogue past of photography. Like other recent Lomography experiments, the Lomo'Instant is being launched as a Kickstarter, the last of which shipped on schedule. And if you dive in early, you'll be able to get a Lomo'Instant for just £41 (plus £15 international shipping), much cheaper than the £70 - £90 final retail price.