London Black Cab Fury Turns to the "Scabs" at Hailo

By Gary Cutlack on at

The official protest by London's cabbies against Uber is still scheduled for next month, but now there's another unofficial target of cab driver fury. The office of Hailo, the app that's supposed to be on the side of London's official taxi drivers, has been vandalised.

Graffiti describing the Hailo team as "scabs" for announcing a plan to open up the app-based service to private mini cabs was daubed on its office, plus there are reports that a fight broke out and that "punches were thrown" on the premises between staff and cabbies.

Hailo's Ron Zeghibe explained the decision to embrace private taxis in an open letter to black cab drivers, saying: "When we started, it was a straight fight between taxis and private hire. Now, it's not so simple. These are tough times that call for tough decisions -- and that means doing what's right, not what's popular." [BBC]