London Cabbies Plan Go-Slow Strike Over Uber's Taxi App

By Gary Cutlack on at

A row between London's black cabs and smartphone-based minicab enabler Uber could bring traffic chaos to the capital, with licensed cabbies set to launch a congestion protest about the Uber drivers' smartphone taximeter tool.

The argument centres around the way Uber measures distance and calculates the cost of a trip via a smartphone app, with black cab union the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association claiming this breaches rules that say private vehicles can't use taximeters.

TfL says the app doesn't breach the rules, because the phone app isn't strictly attached to the vehicles in anyway. The cabbie union says it does indeed break the regulations of the Private Hire Vehicles Act and they expect thousands of black cabs to join a go-slow protest against Uber in June. [BBC]

Image credit: London taxi from Shutterstock