Mexican Warlock Says World Cup Will be a "Magical War" Between Sorcerers

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as being a battle between millionaire posers on the pitch, the 2014 World Cup will be a magical war. Opposing wizards will be trying to give their side an edge by magicking the ball into the back of the net, or at least trying to influence the results in some other less visible ethereal manner.

That's according to Mexican "warlock" Antonio Vazquez, who claims 3,000 self-taught wizard-like people will be attending Mexico's first group game on June 13 to will their men to victory using magic. But regardless of how hard the conjurers may try to make Mexico champions, Vazquez believes Brazil will prevail and win the tournament.

On less wacky note, Vazquez believes there will be strong "social disturbances" during the event, as some segments of the Brazilian population continue to protest against the appearance of the enormous football money machine in their poverty-struck country. [Sky]