Microsoft Teases Surface Mini Launch Ahead of "Small" May 20th Event

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been as long as two years in the making, but Microsoft's Surface Mini may finally be ready to venture outside of the company's labs. Microsoft has sent out invitations to a Surface event on May 20th with the tagline "join us for a small gathering." Yeah -- join them for a small tablet too, right?

So, what should we expect? A 7-inch version of Microsoft's own Windows 8 tablet line has been rumoured for ages, but interesting rumours have also pointed to a device with a 4:3 screen ratio -- closer to that of the iPad than the exiting Surface devices. Screen size and resolution for that particular rumour sits at 7.5-inches and 1440 x 1080. A Qualcomm processor is expected to feature, which would rule out support for legacy desktop applications. [The Verge]