Milton Keynes to Become the UK's Smartest Town Thanks to Extensive Internet of Things Plan

By Gerald Lynch on at

Milton Keynes -- tech capital of the UK? As unlikely as that may sound, it's making a significant claim to that title today after it was announced that it will be the first place in Britain to set up a town-wide, open access Internet of Things network.

The 18-month project will be carried out as a partnership between BT, Neul and the Future Cities and Connected Digital Economies Catapults. The aim is for Milton Keynes to become a testing hub for British start-up talent, with the city equipped to test innovations in the Internet of Things space.

To support this vision, 15 internet-connected base stations will be installed throughout the town, which will be used to relay messages between thousands of sensors dotted around Milton Keynes. Three of the first applications of the network will see the installation of "digital" parking spaces (informing drivers when a space becomes available), web-connected heating systems and sensor-laden bins that will inform the council when they are full. [ITProPortal]