Moog is Putting Braille on its Synth so the Visually Impaired Can Jam

By Mario Aguilar on at

Moog just trotted out a new version of its popular Sub Phatty synth that's got a braille overlay to help the visually impaired. It's hard to believe it took the legendary manufacturer this long to get around to it, especially given that it's actually a pretty simple modification to the panel's design.

OK, so when you're jamming on synth, some people just feel it out. Fine. But look at all those damn knobs on the Sub Phatty. They make the bass monster endlessly versatile, but it also makes the thing a little confusing to set up—even if you can see. If you can't see, well, I imagine it's pretty challenging to play it. With braille, it'll be a whole lot easier.

However long it has taken, it's undeniably a great addition to their product. The braille model doesn't cost any more than the non-braille version, which is also encouraging. [Sweetwater]