Morrisons Apologises for Angel of the North Baguette-Based Projection Stunt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket chain Morrisons has offended the northern part of the country from whence it came, by projecting a sacrilegious image of a French baguette across the arms of the iconic Angel of the North statue as an advert for cheap bread.

According to the Guardian, the Angel's architect/engineer Antony Gormley wasn't impressed by the marketing stunt, saying: "I'd rather the Angel is not used for such purposes, but it's out there."

Which seems to have been enough to trigger an apology from Morrisons, with the supermarket saying: "We’re sorry if you thought we got carried away by shining a baguette on the Angel of the North and apologise unreservedly to those to whom we have caused offence." [Brand Republic via Independent]