No-One Really Needs a Mouse That Tells the Mood of Their Sims

By Gerald Lynch on at

Or a headset for that matter. But that hasn't stopped gaming peripheral makers SteelSeries from putting out a range of The Sims 4 themed gear that does just that.

Both the headset and mouse come with an "illuminated Plumbob" embedded within each (that's one of those diamond things that hovers above your little mini-people in-game) that will glow and pulsate depending on the mood of each character.

With all the information already being displayed in-game, can this be anything other than a distraction? I want my peripherals to disappear into the background when I play -- rather than being immersive as the manufacturers argue, I can only see this doing the opposite, pulling me out of the game with every glance at the changing patterns. While a massive The Sims fan may be able to argue the benefits of the mouse, the headset feature is utterly pointless -- the lights are on the side of your head! How can you see what they are doing? If The Sims was a multiplayer game there may be an advantage to letting companions and competitors see the Plumbob, but as a solitary gaming experience, it's totally superfluous.

At least they're fairly cheap though. If you're looking to pick them up, the headset is priced at £33.99, with the mouse at £24.99. [SteelSeries]