Ofcom Pushes for Two-Day Phone Line Repairs and Cheaper Superfast Switching

By Gary Cutlack on at

The misery of a broken broadband connection could be solved within two days, if new minimum performance rules submitted to the European Commission by Ofcom come into being in the UK.

The changes could be in place by this summer, with Ofcom asking BT Openreach to guarantee that: "...the vast majority of phone and broadband faults would have to be repaired within two working days," and new line appointments must be issued with 12 working days of request.

Ofcom also plans to slash the cost of switching "superfast" provider, with the £50 wholesale cost currently paid to Openreach when changing providers set to be chopped to just £11, hopefully making it easy to switch, should you be lucky enough to have multiple options for superfast broadband. [Ofcom via Engadget]