Pencil in September 19th as a Possible "iPhone 6 Day"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Preparing your finger muscles for the rumoured 4.7- or 5.7-inch stretch across the new iPhone's screen? Then you may have until the 19th September to get your digits up to scratch, as that's the latest date being rumoured for the start of iPhone 6 sales.

The information allegedly comes an inside source at Deutsche Telekom, apparently made privy to Apple's smartphone plans ahead of pretty much everyone else in the world. German launch dates usually align with UK dates, too, meaning that'd be the kick-off for sales on our shores too if the leak is to be believed.

However, this could just as easily be an educated guess, based on Apple's previous launch timings. Apple's usual schedule puts an unveiling event on the second Tuesday of September, followed by an in-store sale date set for ten days later. That reasoning makes the 19th of September very plausible -- a Friday start for a weekend sales push. Whether that date is actually thanks to insider information is up for debate, but it would be as good a guess as we've seen so far either way. [Apeflpage via Cult of Mac]