Pictures of the Aluminium Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Will Frustrate Regular 'Ol S5 Owners

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you'd been holding out for an upgrade until the Samsung Galaxy S5 launched, you'd have been a bit underwhelmed by the time it eventually broke cover. If you took the plunge and upgraded anyway, you'll be pretty miffed now that the aluminium S5 Prime has reared its head -- this is the phone the S5 always should have been.

As these latest leaked images appear to show, the premium version of Samsung's flagship phone makes use of an aluminium body, compared to the plasticky covers that have let down the range before now.

But that's not the only upgrade that's rumoured to be included in the S5 Prime. The screen is reportedly set to jump to a 2560 x 1440 resolution, while a quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU is said to feature rather than the standard S5's less-powerful Snapdragon 801. An Adreno 420 GPU will a step up from the S5's Adreno 330, and there's also said to be 3GB of RAM onboard as opposed to the S5's 2GB of RAM.

Samsung's yet to officially confirm the existence of the Prime, but with leaks like this it's looking more and more like a real device. With the Galaxy S5 already commanding a high premium, it's hard to imagine the Prime launching at a massively-more expensive price point, which is certain to be another sore point for current S5 owners who had hoped to see these features land in the original device earlier in the year. [Phone Arena]