Police IP Crime Team Takes Control of Torrentz.eu Domain

By Gary Cutlack on at

Torrent dearch engine Torrentz.eu is now out of business in the UK, after our Intellectual Property Crime Unit demanded it ceases letting people download Game of Thrones and all the other potentially illegal material it hosts.

Rather than chase the site owners, the copyright crime team took the route of asking the domain name registrars to switch off access, asking/forcing them to change the site's DNS entries to point the name to an alternative server. Quite the sneaky move, one that comes in addition to the ISP block already put in place by most UK internet providers.

As we saw with the ISP restriction on the Pirate Bay, though, the site's still accessible via alternative domains and proxies, so pirates are merely inconvenienced to the tune of having to go through a couple of extra mouse clicks to get to the goods. [TorrentFreak via Independent]